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Sub tenancy agreement

This sub tenancy agreement is to be made between the main tenant and the sub-tenant.

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Tenancy and Leases - Step by Step Guide & Precedents

by By Lawyers For Lawyers author - Jayadeep Hari & Jamil


This publication provides comprehensive guidance when dealing with the law governing landlord and tenancy in Malaysia. Although there are some legislative provisions relating to this area, landlord and tenant disputes are largely governed by common law. The lack of legislative certainty surrounding this area means it can be difficult to navigate. This step-by-step guide provides clear and practical direction which aims to ensure protection for both landlord and tenant alike.

This guide details the difference between a licence, a tenancy and a lease. It provides all the tools necessary to resolve a dispute efficiently and effectively including links to relevant legislation and references to relevant case law. The commentary highlights all of the areas of possible contention and aims to ensure that the relevant lease/tenancy agreement pre-empts any possible problems.

The guide also includes a comprehensive suite of precedents including;

  • Simple tenancy agreement
  • Commercial tenancy agreement
  • Agricultural land lease agreement
  • Sub tenancy agreement
  • Notice to vacate
  • Notice of termination

Whether you are acting for the Lessor or Lessee, Landlord or Tenant this publication provides useful guidance which will aid efficiency, time management and productivity.

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