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Precedents, guidance and forms - exclusively online, available 24/7.

Smokeball provides lawyers with practical and affordable legal practice guides and precedents, together with free forms. Our guides are only available online, giving you access to the most up-to-date precedents and guidance 24/7. Learn more.

Featured Publications


Purchase of Real Property

This guide takes you sequentially through a Purchase matter from getting the matter underway and taking instructions, right through to finalisation.


Sale of Real Property

This publication will guide you from the point of negotiation straight through to transfer of title. The guide includes practical commentary ensuring that no issues are overlooked together with a broad range of precedents.


Tenancy and Leases

Whether you are acting for the Lessor or Lessee, Landlord or Tenant this publication provides useful guidance which will aid efficiency, time management and productivity



A wide range of issues are discussed including testamentary capacity, revocation, executors, and estate duty. This guide includes a Library of Provisions.


Letters of Administration

This Step-by-Step Guide navigates through the substantive law governing the process of obtaining letters of administration in Western Malaysia.



This guide will ensure compliance with the Probate and Administration Act 1959 and the extensive procedural law as set out in the Rules of the High Court 1980.


Powers of Attorney

This guide provides comprehensive direction on executing a valid Power of Attorney throughout Malaysia, including separate guidance for Western Malaysia.

Free Legal Forms

Smokeball has the most comprehensive set of up-to-date legal forms available in Malaysia for free download.

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